A Few Brief Moments with The Killer Robots…

Not too long ago, I reviewed Robotica Destructiva the latest film from The Killer Robots, that strange but talented rock group from Florida who perform in these incredible custom built retro-junk robot suits.

Frankly, I’ve been a big fan since they released their magnum opus, Crash and Burn in 2016.  It is as wild, weird and witty as any dazzling piece of eye candy of a movie ever was.

Now both of these films were written and directed by the multi-talented Sam Gaffin, who also plays the somewhat naive robot, Auto, and wrote most of the music and constructed most of the intricate practical models — with a bit of help from his bandmates and friends, of course.

But that doesn’t exhaust Sam’s overflowing creativity, as he has also put a number of music videos and a few comedy shorts.  If anything, he seems to be working harder than ever, with two feature length movies in the works, and three impressive new shorts.

The first two are music videos for Sam’s songs (I’m not sure whether these are officially Killer Robots songs):

Interdemento is a wild and witty road race between three monsters — A werewolf, a Nosferatu-like vampire and A Frankenstein’s Monster, with cameos from lots of other movie monsters and some fairly weird twists.

Electro Psycho Transmutation Cop, however, uses a very unique animation style combining models with photos and CGI, pitting futuristic cops against cannibalistic mutants in a dystopian cyberpunk world.

Both of these films are entertaining little mini-stories even if they are music videos.

Sam’s most recent film is Zombie Debra, a funny little zombie film which hints that there might just be a cure for the zombie plague.

If the rednecks don’t mess it up for us.

Sam also has another major short film project, which has reached twelve chapters so far.  But more about that another time.

In the meantime, you can enjoy these films — and you might even watch his feature films.

After all, two of them are up on Tubi…



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